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3 min read · October 07, 2021

Free English Editing Certificate

ContentConcepts provides free English Editing Certificate.

When you submit your manuscript to us for manuscript editing, or English editing you can get a free English editing certificate. Check the Editing Certificate sample below

Submit your document here to get the editing certificate.

Editing Certificate Sample

If you are from non-English speaking country, usually most of the journals require the authors, to submit English editing certificate.

We at ContentConcepts provide editing certificate that is accepted by all major publishers and journals. We have been in this field for 15 years and most of the journals are familiar with our name and quality.

Submit your document here to get the editing certificate.

What is an editing certificate?

An English editing certificate certifies that a professional English language editor has proofread and edited your academic work, and ContentConcepts provides a FREE certificate of editing in an easy-to-download format. Submit the certificate to your journal editor as proof of language accuracy. Avoid making additional revisions after editing as it may void the guarantee of 100% language accuracy. ContentConcepts guarantees 100% language error-free papers and is a trusted name in academic editing and proofreading.

What details are included in the editing certificate?

The editing certificate will have the following details

  • Title of the paper
  • Names of the authors (as specified in the paper)
  • Declaration of English language editing and guarantee by Chief Editor
  • Date of editing
  • QR code for validating the certificate

Submit your document here to get the editing certificate.

Why do I need English Editing Certificate?

An English Editing Certificate is often required by journal editors and book publishers from ESL authors. At ContentConcepts Editing, we provide a FREE English Editing Certificate with every order, confirming that your document has been edited to the highest standards by our team of expert editors. This certificate serves as proof of our quality work and helps demonstrate your commitment to meeting industry requirements. Place your order today and receive a professionally edited document along with an English Editing Certificate.

Will the Editing Certificate guarantee publishing?

While we cannot guarantee publication, an editing certificate can certainly be helpful for authors. Our certificate provides evidence to journal editors that your paper has been reviewed by our team of experts, allowing them to focus on the scientific content instead of language errors. Submitting our certificate along with your article can increase your chances of your paper being sent out for peer-review. At ContentConcepts we support authors in achieving their publishing goals. Contact us to learn more about our editing services and how we can help improve your manuscript.

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