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2 min read · October 20, 2020

Proofreading vs Editing - Which is right for me?

When sending manuscript or research paper for editing, authors are often confused with different editing levels and terms used by the editing service providers. In India, many manuscript authors when sending request for quotes, enquire about the different levels of editing samples offered by manuscript editing services.

So, as an author which editing level should I select? Read on to find out more….

Proofreading vs editing

Proofreading Service

If you think your manuscript is clean in terms of sentence construction, choice of words used, flow of paragraphs, consistent use of units and other style related usage, then you can opt for proofreading service. In proofreading service, the editor or proofreader checks your manuscript only in terms of spelling, grammar and correct use of units. Other aspects of English language mentioned above will not be looked in to. If you want the next level then go for copy editing. Often Proofreading and copy editing are used interchangeably.

Copy Editing Service

You can select this service, if you think your manuscript is written with basic English but want to ensure grammar, correct use of words and punctuation then go for this level. This is the next level after proofreading service. In addition to the services offered as described in proofreading service, copy editing further reviews to ensure if correct words are used, consistency in the usage, fact checking of data presented, reviewing Figure and Table titles, and so on.

Substantive Editing Service

You have put together the manuscript and confident that the English is not up to the standard and require lots of work, then ask for Substantive Editing service. In this level of editing all elements of English language and manuscript structure will be taken care of. This includes, grammar, spell check, appropriate use of words, sentence construction, correct use of terminology, paragraph transitions, sentence clarity, tone and structure, etc.

Note, since each editing level requires different amount of effort, the editing price of manuscript will also vary accordingly.

Now that you have clarity on the different editing levels, check the different editing services offered by us.

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