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1 min read · June 14, 2021

What does the editor of a scientific journal expect from a manuscript?

Firstly, let's accept that good writing is a result of hard work. There are no shortcuts to clean and effective writing. However, there are some methods in scientific writing that an author can practice to become a better writer and write better manuscripts.

A journal editor, will look for the following things from your manuscript so that it is considered for publishing in that journal

1.The manuscript should originate from a methodically correct research that is relevant to the theme of the journal

2.Clarity, conciseness, and a logical sequence in the presentation of facts and arguments, to ensure continuity of reading.

3.The IMRAD structure - Your paper should follow the Introduction – Method – Results – and – Discussion (IMRAD) structure.

More on what the journal editor expects from a manuscript

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IMRAD Structure

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