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Worried about accidental plagiarism jeopardizing your manuscript's acceptance? Don't fret! Our plagiarism checker services offer a comprehensive report, while our skilled editors assist in reworking your paper to minimize similarity. Collaborating closely with our manuscript editors, you'll address any problematic sections, enhance language proficiency and coherence, and guarantee the originality of your work. Rest assured, we'll steer you clear of unintentional plagiarism and guide you toward achieving your publication aspirations. Plus, here are additional reasons to choose our plagiarism removal service:
Get free plagiarism report by selecting Plagiarism Editing service

Our Plagiarism Checkers & Editors


Ross Taylor

Native English & Manuscript Editor

Ross is a skilled native English editor with a background in linguistics and engineering. He specializes in science, medical, and technology manuscripts and has a certification in teaching English as a foreign language.


Alan Wichelman

Senior Editor - Business, Management & Marketing

Meet Alan, our native English editor who ensures all corporate documents and correspondence are flawlessly written. As a licensed attorney in the United States, he also teaches non-American lawyers reader-friendly, plain English drafting skills


Dr Carole J

Senior Editor - Life Sciences & Medicine

Carole is a meticulous medical editor with standout professional and research experience in the United States, and Europe. She has conducted research at prestigious academic institutions in North America, including Harvard Medical School, Columbia University and the University of North Carolina.


How Plagiarism Check works?

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    Customer submits manuscript via our Request for quote page.

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    After receiving the manuscript, ContentConcepts sends price quote.

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    After payment is made, we send confirmation of payment.

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    Edit & Return

    CC checks your manuscript using plagiarism checker software and sends you a report

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Reduce similarity, avoid rejection

Plagiarism Experts with subject knowldge

Our experienced editors will meticulously review your work to ensure that your research is presented in the clearest, most concise manner possible.


Two-editor process

Our manuscript editing service employs a two-editor system to ensure that your document is reviewed thoroughly.


Editing Certificate

We provide a free editing certificate with each order, guaranteeing that your document has been edited to the highest professional standards.


How does plagiarism check work?

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🤔 Concerned about potential manuscript or research paper rejection due to plagiarism or high similarity scores? Rest easy, as we offer professional plagiarism checks utilizing leading industry tools like Turnitin and Plagiarism Checker X. Our dedicated manuscript editors are here to assist you with manuscript rewriting, manuscript paraphrasing, and manuscript editing to minimize plagiarism concerns.

We utilize premium online plagiarism checker software, ensuring accurate results. By selecting our Plagiarism Editing service, you receive a complimentary plagiarism check. You'll receive a plagiarism report both before and after the check.

You also have the option to add-on a standalone plagiarism check when you choose our manuscript editing or English language editing services. In addition to an edited manuscript, you'll receive a detailed plagiarism report.

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Get free plagiarism report by selecting Plagiarism Editing service

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