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Plagiarism Editing

Plagiarism Report & Rewriting Support
Are you worried about unintentional plagiarism in your manuscript, which could lead to rejection? Look no further. Our plagiarism checker services not only provide a comprehensive report on your paper but also offer expert assistance in reducing similarity. With the expertise of our manuscript editors, we work closely with you to identify and address problematic areas, improve the English language and flow, and ultimately ensure the originality of your work. Trust us to help you navigate the complexities of avoiding unintended plagiarism and successfully achieve your publication goals. And that's not all – here are additional compelling reasons to choose our plagiarism removal service:
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Our Manuscript Editors


Ross Taylor

Native English & Manuscript Editor

David is a skilled native English editor with a background in linguistics and engineering. He specializes in science, medical, and technology manuscripts and has a certification in teaching English as a foreign language.


Alan Wichelman

Senior Editor - Business, Management & Management

Meet Alan, our native English editor who ensures all corporate documents and correspondence are flawlessly written. As a licensed attorney in the United States, he also teaches non-American lawyers reader-friendly, plain English drafting skills


Dr Carole J

Senior Editor - Life Sciences & Medicine

Carole is a meticulous medical editor with standout professional and research experience in the United States, and Europe. She has conducted research at prestigious academic institutions in North America, including Harvard Medical School, Columbia University and the University of North Carolina.

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How Plagiarism Check ordering works?

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    Submit Manuscript

    Customer submits manuscript via our Request for quote page.

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    Receive Quote

    After receiving the manuscript, ContentConcepts sends price quote.

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    Confirm Order

    After payment is made by the customer, ContentConcepts sends confirmation of payment.

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    Edit & Return

    CC assigns the right editor who edits and sends the edited document back to the customer.

Benefits of our Plagiarism Editing service

Affordable Prices

Affordable Prices

Our Plagiarism Editing fee is one of the best in the industry for the level of quality work we offer from our trusted PhD and native English editors.

Superior Support

Superior Support

You can talk to your Plagiarism Editor until you are satisfied with our Plagiarism Editing service, get your queries answered via email or chat and send your manuscript after review from journal editor for further check.



We ensure your documents are handled with utmost care. We can sign NDA if necessary.

Secure transaction

Secure transaction

Your documents as wells as payment is handled by our secure website which has passed the best level of security testing in the industry.

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Benefits of our Plagiarism Editing service

Benefits of our Plagiarism Editing service


We accept only author's unintentional plagiarism of their work

Welcome to our plagiarism editing service, designed to help authors and researchers avoid unintentional plagiarism.

We understand that plagiarism is a serious concern for anyone working on research or writing projects. Accidental plagiarism can be especially tricky to identify, and even the most careful writers can inadvertently use someone else's words or ideas without proper attribution.

That's where our service comes in. Our team of expert editors is dedicated to helping you ensure that your work is original and properly cited. We use sophisticated plagiarism detection software to identify any potential issues, and we work with you to revise your work and make sure that all sources are properly cited.

Our goal is to help you avoid the negative consequences of unintentional plagiarism, including loss of credibility, damage to your reputation, and even legal action. With our plagiarism editing service, you can rest assured that your work is original, properly cited, and ready to be shared with the world.

Thank you for considering our service, and we look forward to helping you achieve your academic and professional goals.

Not happy with edit? 100% refund without any condition

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